Does this sound like your employees?

  • They've been identified as "high potential" within your organization.

  • They need to strengthen their personal brand to shine at work.

  • They need to enhance their emotional intelligence and relationships.

  • They have unrealistic expectations about being "fast-tracked" for promotional opportunities and don't have the necessary experience.

  • They need to take greater ownership of their careers.

  • They are frustrated with company politics and have difficulty understanding the bigger picture.

  • They want a different job within your company (or show warning signs of getting ready to leave).

  • They express concerns about the lack of work/life balance and burnout.

I was right where you are now.

I’ll never forget the day I had walked over to my boss’ office for our regular 1x1 meeting and she suggested we take a walk to another part of the building. As we headed down a dark and cold hallway we affectionately referred to as “the coffin,” we came upon a small meeting room whereupon I saw our VP of Human Resources waiting for us. I was like, “Oh shit! This can’t be good." I knew from past experience when I had been laid off from another organization. 

The first words out of the VP’s mouth were “Hi Mike, everything’s going to work out just fine.” I nearly lost it right there. In her right hand were my separation papers. In her left hand was a promotional opportunity...except that it was 120 miles away in LA.  I was given a choice to be laid off or take the promotion. Meanwhile, I was a single father at the time with shared custody. My mind and heart raced as I tried to grasp the gravity of the situation. At the time, I thought my life was ruined in either scenario. After a great deal of angst, I did decide to take the job in LA. It turned out to be the best move I ever made in my career. 

After working out some logistics for the long commute, I continued on with the company in what was an amazing 11 year HR career as an internal consultant, facilitator, and coach overseeing helping leaders and employees overcome setbacks and struggles to rise up to their potential. 

Hi, I'm Mike Gellman and I'm the CEO & Founder of High Five Career Coaching. I’ve been fortunate to help hundreds of people - just like you - who just want to have a stable job with opportunities to learn and stay relevant, contribute, and be appreciated for your talents.

Welcome to
The Career Catapult Program: The 8-Week Experience

I created this course to help organizations like yours offer the career support your employees are craving. You've been doing your best juggling all your demands, but just can't seem to devote the time and resources needed to move the needle on your organization's talent management objectives. The Career Catapult program helps you and your employees finally break the endless cycle of frustration. 

In this course I share my secrets from working over 15 years behind the scenes in HR facilitating meetings with leaders to determine who’s in line to get promoted and who will get valuable development opportunities. 

pull back the curtain to help your employees understand the “bigger picture”, finally understand WHY they make the decisions they do, and HOW to make sense of a complex organization. 

I’ll not only share with them the big picture behind the scenes, but what highly successful employees do to differentiate themselves and positively stand out - without bragging, being fake or butt-kissing so they can gain the knowledge and strategies they need to succeed in a complex work environment. 

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Help your employees to GENUINELY feel appreciated and recognized, positively challenged and prepared for their next role, and take greater ownership of their careers.

What Others Are Saying

Become the next generation leader.

Elod Nemeth, Senior Engineer

This course is really useful for everyone that either currently has a job, or is seeking a career. With these guidelines, working professionals can enhance their skill sets to become the next generation leader.

Mike takes you through a step by step process.

Renee Reisch, Transformational Coach

Whether you are just starting out or attempting to figure things out, Mike takes you through a step by step process. From Understanding the Big Picture to Mastering your Journey into Action, by the time you have completed his course, you will have the necessary tools to get your career on track. Thank you, Mike for helping us along on our journey.

An expert in guiding professionals to greater career fulfillment.

David Conway, Software Development Manager

Mike is an expert in guiding professionals to greater career fulfillment. This course takes you through a powerful and practical step-by-step process for designing a career path that fits you. Mike’s insight and experience in helping others reach their potential is offered here for those who are ready to accelerate their impact. I recommend following Mike’s expert coaching for a comprehensive perspective on building a career that suits your strengths, whether you’re an early career professional or a more experienced leader. Thanks Mike for sharing your wisdom and coaching.

Useful to anyone who needs a career status check.

Marci Heerman, Executive Coach

I really like Mike Gellman’s Career Catapult online training. He presents a lot of information quickly and the downloadable worksheets included are already proving useful to me. The big picture, self, communicating, and formulating a career action plan are covered in this course. It will help put some structure to my career planning and would be useful to anyone who needs a career status check and tips for moving forward. Well done Mike and thanks for sharing your career coaching expertise online!

What's In The Course

  • 1


    • Welcome to Career Catapult

    • Important Information

    • Join Our Online Community

    • Bonus Offer: Get Your DISC Assessment

    • Register: Get Your DISC Assessment

  • 2

    Module 1 - Getting the Big Picture

    • Exploding the Myths

    • Quiz: Exploding The Myths

    • Understanding Succession Planning & Talent Reviews

    • Exercise: 3 A's of Career Potential

    • Sample: HP Talent Review Report

    • Sample: Succession Plan

    • Understanding Organizational Dynamics

    • Tool: Assessing Organizational Culture

  • 3

    Module 2 - Mastering Your Self

    • Soliciting Feedback & Enlisting Support from Others

    • Exercise: Blind Spots

    • Exercise: Asking for Feedback Assignment

    • Minding Your Mindset

    • Exercise: Fears & Limiting Beliefs

    • Exercise: What's Your Story?

    • Exercise: Mindset Audit

    • Managing Your Performance & Energy

    • Exercise: Performance Audit

    • Exercise: Energy Audit

    • Managing Your Personal Brand

    • Exercise: What's in a Brand?

  • 4

    Module 3 - Communicating Who You Are & What You Want

    • Communicating Who You Are & What You Want

    • Tool: Career Portfolio Template

    • Targeting Your Ideal Job or Assignment

    • Exercise: Defining Success

    • Template: Job Fit Assessment

  • 5

    Module 4 - Mastering Your Journey Into Action

    • Increasing Your Organizational Visibility & Potential

    • Exercise: 4 A's of Preparation

    • Tool: Creative Methods of Development

    • Exercise: Strategic Goal-Setting

    • Responding to Resistance, Obstacles, & Setbacks

    • Exercise: Obstacles & Challenges

    • Creating Your Career Blueprint

    • Tool: Career Action Plan

    • Tool: Career Conversation Tracker

  • 6


    • Wrap-up

  • 7


    • Article: Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

    • Article: Career Conversation with Boss

    • Resource: Work Directly with Coach Mike

    • Resource: Bring Coach Mike into Your Organization

Your employees receive INSTANT ACCESS to all course materials PLUS a private Career Catapult Facebook group to support them and their specific career challenges and goals PLUS 5 small group coaching sessions.

ON TOP OF THIS employees get two 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to work on their goals.
All of this for an introductory rate of $750 per employee ($1500 value!)

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Benefits of The 8-Week Experience

  • Coaching in a small group environment

  • Two 30-minute 1:1 private coaching sessions

  • Access to exclusive private Facebook community

  • Access to High Five's expert team of advisors

  • Practical Ideas

  • Expand Your Network

Still have questions?

  • Who really benefits the most from this course?

    Just about anyone who is early to mid-career will benefit, especially technical professionals such as Engineers, Business Analysts, Software Developers, Project Managers, Accounting & Finance Specialists, and Marketing Specialists to name a few.

  • How long does it take to get through the course?

    The 8-Week Experience is meant to be completed within an 8 week period. There are four modules including over 1.5 hours of video along with many templates, tools, and articles you can download. PLUS small group coaching.

  • How long will they have access?

    Once employees are enrolled, they will have access to the program for 8 weeks. However, we would be happy to customize this program for your organization's specific needs and objectives if you wish to have your own company-sponsored cohort group.

  • What if they run into technical issues?

    They can simply contact us through the Support link and state their name, issue they’re experiencing, and the best way to reach them.

  • How do they access the free Facebook group?

    There are instructions with a link to the Facebook group in the Introduction section.

  • Does this stuff really work?

    Yes! However, everyone’s situation is different and it’s nearly impossible to address every scenario. The lessons they’ll learn are effective to the extent that they apply the principles. As The 8-Week experience blends online learning with small group coaching (as well as a 1:1 private coaching session), the program will definitely accelerate their results.

  • What is the group coaching schedule?

    Coaching sessions will take place via Zoom video conference.

    Sample Schedule
    Sept 17 - 23: Initial 30-minute individual sessions
    Sept 24: Kickoff meeting with the group - 60 minutes
    Oct 8: Module 1 - 90 minutes
    Oct 22: Module 2 - 90 minutes
    Nov 5: Module 3 - 90 minutes
    Nov 19: Module 4 - 90 minutes
    Sessions will take place at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.

    Schedule will change based on your organization's particular needs.

  • What if I have questions about the course before I enroll?

    Please email with your name and contact information and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

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ICF Certified Coach
Birkman Certified Consultant
DISC Certified Trainer
Member of International Coach Federation